Traditional Vs Modern Scaffolding Equipment

Traditional Vs Modern Scaffolding EquipmentTraditional Scaffolding has been in existence since the time Egyptians used the technique to build pyramids. Lots of changes have happened since then and now these towers come in much advanced forms. Access towers have gained popularity very quickly in the construction industry.

In fact, many prefer such towers over the traditional one only because Scaffolding towers offer several advantages over conventional scaffolding.

The most important thing to be kept in mind in this regard is that the choice should be made considering the degree of safety and job suitability. At present, you will find many DIY building projects widely using access towers because they find it really easy to erect or dismantle such towers. Besides, the tower can be moved on the floor, without putting much effort.

There are health and safety executives who set strict rules and regulations related to tower erection, disassembling or movement. This is because several serious accidents had happened in the past which has forced scaffolding bodies to devise necessary precautionary measures.

Those who have used traditional scaffolding know very well that how time consuming the construction process is. Besides, the overall procedure demands involvement of experienced professionals who are adequately aware of entire complexities. Compare this with access towers and you will find the assembling and erection process really easy. There are complete assembling manual following which the tower can be build safely. No need to involve a skilled technician for the purpose.

Access towers are much more securely constructed with guard rails. Internally build stairs ensure easy and safe access for workmen. On the other hand, traditional scaffolding comes with only two vertical supports across which a horizontal scaffold is laid. As a result, the structure tends to become more and more unstable as the height keeps increasing.

No matter what kind of tower you opt for, make sure to talk to an expert. Explain in details your particular requirement and ask for advice. You should also clarify the delivery, assembling and erection procedure, i.e., if the company will charge separately for these tasks.

At STH, hire our PASMA trained staff gives you the best advice and fully co-operate with you.  We also understand that no one want to be hanging around waiting for the delivery specifically if they have the team prepared to start work. We guarantee you on time delivery and let you know the delivery time frame in advance. In case we fail we are unable to make a timely delivery, you get 7 days free on the equipment.

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