Is It Safe To Use An Access Tower?


A research study shows that a huge number of fall related accidents in UK occur because of inaccurate or faulty equipment. It is shocking enough to note that approx 60% of accidents from height result in deaths and this is related to the construction market only.

Any business should give first preference to ensure maximum security of its workers. This is why purchasing the right kind of equipment is highly recommended. For sectors which demand working at great heights, hiring scaffolding services (keep us in mind for anywhere in the UK!) is the way to go.

Access towers are an important piece of equipment when it comes to cleaning, constructing, repairing or adding something new to a building, or even when doing high rise yard, garden, or field work. Any work that involves height always carries danger but safe use of an access tower can minimize these dangers to a large extent.

The first rule of safety here is that the tower must be assembled and erected safely and the ground on which it is erected is itself leveled thus affording no chance of the tower being toppled off by any unforeseen condition or human error. The ground should be hard, dry and clear of any dirt. However, if it is needed to work on softer ground, you must include the boards and footer pads beneath the tower to provide you a firm base to build and work from.

The benefit of hiring services is that the tower comes with a hire team who takes care of each and every aspect of safety and operation. However, if you are planning to use own employees then do check on their education and experience. Involve only those who have completed the tower course from any reputed institute and are sufficiently trained and proficient about the tower operation. The entire scaffolding operation needs to be monitored or supervised by an expert only. From time to time, an inspection of the access tower is also suggested.

Here, your safety is our top priority. We provide you with highest quality branded access tower. Our PASMA trained and certified staff is always on there toes to help you, give the best advice and provide you solutions which are safe and easy; helping you in successful scaffolding hire the very first time.