What You Should Know When Using an Access Tower

ID-10048753Working at height can be risky; however, there are situations where workers do need to work with tall buildings or constructions. Thus it is necessary to take proper precautions one of which is using an access tower. It is very important to select the right type of tower which matches the specific work condition. Also involvement of trained professionals is needed while erecting and dismantling the tower. Those using access tower should be trained and well aware of the potential dangers related to such use.

Falling from the scaffolding tower and getting injured is not that unusual. Sometimes the tower overturns resulting in serious injuries. Hence there are few things should be kept in mind while using the access tower. It is very important to follow necessary precautionary measures. Those who are using the tower should have prior experience. They need to be aware of certain rules like:-

  • Don’t use the tower in strong wind or extreme rough weather.
  • It is never advisable to use the tower as a support system for ladders or any other access equipment.
  • Stay away from towers which are broken or having missing parts.
  • Using a tower with incompatible components is also not a safe idea.

Apart from using the tower safely, you should take care of its proper movement. Here are few suggestions regarding this

  • If you are planning to move it, then remember to reduce the height adequately.
  • Be sure that no power lines or other overhead obstructions are there which may disrupt the tower movement.
  • Remember to check the ground condition. It should be plain, firm and free from potholes.
  • While pushing or pulling, don’t do it from the top. Apply manual effort but always from the base.
  • If people are working on the tower, ask them to empty it first, prior to moving. Also, you should clear the tower of all materials. The tower access should never be moved in rough or windy condition.

While purchasing or hiring the tower, do talk to the supplier to ensure that the tower is well guarded with all necessary components. Here, we work hard to ensure your safety. We are PASMA registered and our team of experience personnel is always there to give you advice and makes sure that you get the right product. All our scaffolding equipment is thoroughly checked and cleaned before delivered to you.