Should You Avoid Certain DIY Projects?!

When your house needs an upgrade, repairs, or installations, you probably start weighing the pros and cons of doing the work yourself, or hiring a professional. While you may be fairly good at doing your own repairs, there are some projects that might be handled better by a professional. Here are a few of those tasks:

Wood Floor Refinishing:

When refinishing the floors in a house, this is an area that seems fairly straightforward. Most people can learn how to sand and finish. However, floors are a large area, and you will need to use a floor sander. Since these machines are large and heavy, it would be difficult for an untrained homeowner to use them, so it’s best if a skilled worker comes in to do the job. Using a sander without proper expertise can result in drum marks and permanent damage. So to avoid those missteps, choose a professional.

Major Structural Changes:

If you wouldn’t build a home, then you probably shouldn’t make any major structural changes to it either. Additions, even small ones, may require permits and have to be properly tied into the existing house. Adding or removing walls, or other important structural elements, to a building are not tasks that should be taken on lightly.

Electrical Work:

Most homeowners can take on the task of adding a dimmer switch, or changing a light fixture. However, any work that involves adding electrical circuits or extending existing circuits, is best left to a professional. An experienced, licensed electrician knows this area well and has the training to avoid any problems. The two primary dangers of an unexperienced person taking on these projects are electrical shock and fire.

Major Plumbing Repairs:

Similar to electrical work, minor plumbing problems are probably safe to take on without a professional. Larger tasks that involve replacing the pipes in the house, or replacing the hot water heater, aren’t the best choices for a DIY project. Older homes can have complicated plumbing systems and it’s easy to do more harm than good. To avoid having to pay additional costs after trying to do your own plumbing work, consult a professional.

Garage Door Installation:

Installing a door, without professional help, can lead to costly repairs or serious injuries. Garage doors seem fairly straightforward, but they consist of a complex system where all the parts have to work together to remain functional. Even a small part that’s not installed correctly can cause the entire door to malfunction.

Installing a garage door also requires special tools that most homeowners don’t own, nor know how to use. Installing the powerful torsion spring, for example, has severe risks associated with it, so it’s worth hiring a professional for a safe and proper job.

Ladder And Scaffold Work:

Anytime you climb a ladder or platform, there is always the risk of falling. This type of work can include roof repair, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning. If you’re going to be on a ladder, it’s well worth considering hiring a professional, especially as one ages or has physical limitations.


A home is a major investment, so when it comes to home improvement projects, it’s worth the cost to make sure that they’re done right and in a safe manner. These are just a few examples of when your best option is to hire someone who’s experienced. Remember to take safety precautions no matter how small or big your DIY project is.  You can always rent construction equipment such as access towers, ladders, and more from our shop! If you’re in the Kingston Upon Hill area, check out our exclusive page for hires in that location.