Seasonal Cleaning For The Exterior Of Your Home

The exterior of your house is the first thing you see when you get home, and the first thing visitors see when they come over. Therefore, it is vital that you keep the exterior thoroughly clean, just as you would do with the interior of your house.

Different seasons come with different cleaning challenges because of the variable weather patterns. A single cleaning method may not work for all the seasons, so here are some tips on cleaning your exterior for each season.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the flowering season, so you are likely to find flowers and leaves all over your yard and corridors. It rains regularly during this season too, so mud may find its way to the walls of your home. Start by getting the leaves out of your gutter to prevent flooding. Use a rake to regularly clean the yard.

You may need to re-treat the wooden rails with a fresh coat of paint if you notice any rot; the same applies to your metal outdoor fixtures and the fence. You do not need to do a lot of scrubbing on your outdoor surfaces, as there is little chance that you will have stubborn stains.

Summer Cleaning

Summer is the season when the outdoors are recovering from extended snow and a wet Spring. You are likely to find some rot or mildew on the exterior of your home. You may use a pressure or power washer on the siding of the home, and also any concrete or stone patios. Pressurized water loosens any stubborn dirt, but may damage softer materials like wood.

To remove mildew, mix one part bleach to four parts water, and use rubber gloves when cleaning the area. You can scrub the concrete driveway, or the brick sides of the house, to remove any stubborn stains. Expect lots of dust to be on your driveway and outdoor corridors, as well as the patio and the siding. Wooden patios may require a layer of epoxy paint, or a sealer to deal with the damage caused by the previous seasons.

Fall Cleaning

During the Fall season, temperatures increasingly get colder, and the deciduous plants shed their leaves. Regular cleaning may be necessary. Cleaning during this period also helps prepare for the long Winter season ahead. Start by checking the chimneys and fireplaces to ensure that they are clean, and not blocked by soot or debris.

Clean the outside of your windows and inspect the caulking. Any cracked caulking needs to be repaired to prevent heat loss in the Winter. The windows can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. The screens are best cleaned with a dusting brush attached to a vacuum cleaner. If you have windows on the second floor, you will need equipment like a scaffolding tower which can be rented anywhere you are in the UK.

Make sure to clean the roof, any open drains, and the gutter. There is usually a lot of leaves that may lead to blockage and eventual flooding of the home. A garden hose, trowel, and a bucket can help in scooping the dead leaves and cleaning up the areas.

Finally, given that you will not be using the garden tools for some time, it is best to ensure that they are clean and devoid of any water. Otherwise, they will rot and rust during the prolonged Winter season.

Winter Cleaning

There is little activity outdoors during the Winter season. Nevertheless, you may want to try to keep everything clean, if it’s not too cold. When cleaning your windows in cold temperatures, use warm water instead of hot water. Hot water causes the glass to expand fast and then crack. A mix of water and vinegar may help.

In addition, ensure that the gutter and drainage systems are not clogged, so as to prevent flooding. The wooden patios may require resealing just before the cold sets in, to prevent damage and rot. Regularly wiping off the melted ice may help prevent rapid damage to the surface. Other areas, such as the driveways and outdoor corridors, do not need more than just removing snow and ice.


Each season provides a special challenge to outdoor cleaning. Determine the areas that get dirty the most during each of the seasons, and focus your efforts on keeping those areas clean. Also, be on the lookout for damage on various surfaces, as a result of foul weather, and fix them as soon as possible. Ensure that the exterior of your house remains clean all year long by following the above tips.