Installing Security Features On The Exterior Of Your Home

Are you thinking of installing security features such as lights, cameras, motion detectors and alarms on the outside of your home? In case you haven’t realized already, these projects might not be as easy as you initially assumed. But rest easy, here is a look at some of the things you need to know to get the results you want while installing an exterior security system.

What Is Valuable To You?

If you are installing security features on your premises, you must have something worth protecting. It could be your car, boat, family and all the things in your house. Understanding what deserves the greatest amount of protection will help you determine how much to spend, how advanced you want the security technology to be, and so forth.

For instance, while it might be worth putting a fancy premium camera on your front door, it makes little sense to have a similar installation pointing to something like a flower garden.

Have A Plan For Your Home’s Security Needs

Before you head to the shop to buy security lights, cameras or alarms, you need a plan that tells you what your security needs are like. For instance, establish how many places require the protection you seek. Such places include the doors, porches, driveways, stairways and so forth.

A plan will also help you establish what places need a certain security installation and not the alternatives. For instance, while the yard could use both a security light and a camera, a porch could do with only a camera.

Know The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Security Gadgets

A security camera is not just a security camera. For instance, an indoor security camera may not deliver good quality performance when put outdoors, where it would have to deal with rain, dust, and other rough weather conditions. The same can be said for alarms, with some being adequate for an indoor setting, but they might not have the best sound as an outdoor security installation.

Search For Any Possible Hideouts

Burglars are more confident about breaking into a home when they know that there are places to hide, which reduces their chances of getting caught. That is why your property should have clear, open spaces with no possible hideouts. This involves keeping the shrubs trimmed and ridding the property of any unnecessary structures that might offer a thief refuge, as they figure out how to get into your house and take off with your things.

Do A Lot Of Testing

Each home is different, and so are its security needs. Therefore, you need to understand what your home needs in terms of security gadgets. For instance, where can the devices be installed effectively and out of reach? Test each device to make sure it’s working as expected, before installation and after. This will ensure that there are no security blind spots in your security system.


When installing security features on the outside of your home, you will typically find yourself having to decide what goes where, based on your desired security features. But to avoid a lot of unnecessary head-scratching, the tips above are some things you ought to keep in mind as you go about this process, to make things easier. For quality & affordable scaffolding tower hires in the UK, give us a call today.