How To Install Gutters To The Exterior Of Your Home!

The installation of gutters is one of the most important things to add to the exterior of your home, acting as one of the main protectors against rain water. To install gutters successfully, several steps are followed, which will be explained below. Remember, that we hire equipment like ladders and access towers and more all over the United Kingdom.

1. Map And Mark The Gutter Locations

Before the procurement of any gutters, you should establish a map of your home. You should also analyze the existing gutter system and other infrastructural amenities within the home. During the mapping stage, compute the length of the gutter run, the number of downspouts and the dimension of the downspouts. The materials needed should be written down before you head out to the store.

At this stage, you are also required to mark the positions that the gutter system will run through. You should ensure that the slope is a quarter inch for every ten feet of the gutter run. The marking should be done by a team of two individuals, so make sure you have help to do this, and it should be done using white chalk.

2. Install The Downspout Outlets

You should use quarter inch deck screws to connect downspout outlets with the chalk line. The two are supposed to be joined at the terminal of the rooftop. The downspout outlets are supposed to be near the terminal of the run and should be firmly attached.

3. Hang The Gutter Hangers

The gutter hangers should be joined to the front of every twenty-four inches, using deck screws. The gutter hangers are supposed to be tightened one inch from the terminal of the home’s roof. The hooks provide a firm support for the gutter system. You should leave adequate space at the terminal points of the gutter caps, adhering to the chalk line marking.

4. Cover The Gutter Corners

If the corners don’t contain downspouts and are not positioned at the terminal of the run, then the joints should be covered with gutter covers. This deters the possibility of water leakages within the gutter system, thus increasing the lifespan of the gutters.

5. Cut And Install The Gutter Segments

A hacksaw should be used to cut the gutter segments so they appropriately fit in between the downspout outlet and the terminal of the roof. At this stage, you should place the cap over the end and snap the segment into the outlet for the downspout area. From the ground floor, you should join the gutter segments, using connectors, and the gutter should adequately fit into the hangers.

6. Installing Drain Pipes

For the downspouts, you need to cut a section of drainage pipe to properly fit in the middle of the downspout joint located on the wall. You need to place the joints on the pipe, then snap on the downspout outlet. The elbow joints should be firmly supported, using hangers to withstand breakage from wind or weight from rain water. The drain pipes should be positioned in a manner that does not allow water from the rooftop to accumulate near the house foundation.


Adherence to the above steps will facilitate the proper installation of gutters on your home. The efficient erection of gutters will safeguard your home from rain water destruction and the erosion of your home’s foundation. Another benefit obtained from a gutter installation is efficient water harvesting for other needs.