4 Most Popular Front Door Designs

Apart from adding great curb appeal, your front door is often a representation of your home. It’ll be the first thing you want to see after a hard day’s work, and the last thing you see when you leave your house in the morning.

Whether you choose to go quirky or traditional, you’ll be seeing and using your front door regularly for years, so it’s important to choose the right one.

Join us as we go over the most popular door designs in recent years, and let us help you figure out which one is best for your home.

Choosing Your Material

Before we get too far into what design you should choose, it’s important to also look at what material you’d like your door to be made of. For years, wood has been the material of choice, and it’s easy to see why.

For starters, a wood door can be customized easily to suit your personal style. However, due to the natural tendency for wood to warp over time, people are turning to alternatives. Fiberglass is a popular runner-up, often seen as more durable.

Fiberglass can be crafted in a wide variety of colors, and also has an insulated core. However, they are a pricey option. For those looking for alternatives, it’s worth it to look into glass, or even steel doors.

The Most Popular Designs

While there are a large variety of door designs, you might be able to guess the most popular ones after a drive through your local suburbs.

Remember that each design comes with its own pros and cons list, just like the material you will be selecting. Here are some different options.

1. Traditional

While this one may seem obvious, the most popular design for a door is a traditional option. Typically, these are wood doors with anywhere from two to twelve raised panels.

They’re also widely available with glass or colored-panel inserts. Keep in mind that these often come pre-hung, and can be installed directly after purchasing.

2. Modern

For those who don’t like the idea of a traditional door, you may be more interested in a modern design. For the most part, modern doors are recognizable by their minimalistic design and large size. They tend to have frosted glass and sometimes, blocked panels.

3. Arched

An arched design is something that may fit into the other categories, but it’s become popular enough to be noted on its own. The curved lines on this door give a unique twist on an otherwise traditional door.

It’s important to note that these doors will have to be custom ordered, and are often specially made to fit your house’s size and design.

4. Rustic

A fan favorite for homes that are made of wood, stone, or brick, rustic style doors have started to increase in popularity. They’re typically made of wood and can be arched. These doors also tend to feel a bit bulkier, as they’re meant to seem thicker.


Whether you decide to go for a modern design, or would rather stick to something more traditional, finding the perfect door design is all about finding a way to express your inner style. Your front door will be a representation of your home, so it’s important to take your time. If you do your research and trust your design intuition, you’ll find the perfect door for your family home in no time. If you need any construction equipment including scaffolding towers for cheap, check us out.