3 Different Types Of Garage Doors

Your garage door is a significant part of your home, because it is one of the first things that people notice from the outside. There are different kinds of garage doors to suit different types of houses and structural frameworks.

When selecting a garage door, there are many things to consider. They can raise the value of your home, add security, and increase the curb appeal of your property.

There are three fundamental types of garage doors: mass-produced, customized, and semi-customized. Currently, most doors are made of wood or steel, but vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass alternatives are available as well.

Most of these materials are intended to emulate the wood’s grain to blend beauty with improved durability. Here are the main types of garage doors.

1. Mass-Produced Garage Doors

These types of garage doors present the cheapest options. Most of these doors come with raised panels, but they do not contain glass. They are typically made from thin, 28-gauge steel or any other materials, either with insulation or none at all.

2. Customized Garage Doors

Customized garage doors assist the homeowners in restructuring classic, old-fashioned carriage doors for the culture-inspired homes, with bold copper masterpieces, sleek glass panels, and roll-up doors. Each of the elements of these doors can be customized, and this includes panel style, materials, insulation, color, trim, and windows.

With these high-quality doors, you will get heavy insulation, a two-sided structure, and weather seals between the panels and along the base of the door. There are also stoppers at the ends and the top to avoid the intrusion of rain and wind.

3. Semi-Customized Garage Doors

This type of garage door is available in a wide variety of window styles, color, and door panel styles. The semi-customized garage doors are made with 24-gauge steel, and they are reasonably lightweight and, at times, include foam insulation.

When selecting a semi-customized garage door, you might require approval from a homeowner’s association near you. Just like the custom garage doors, you will need an installer to measure the opening of the door to make sure it is a suitable fit.

As a homeowner, you can select from the various garage door components, including wood, composite, vinyl, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. Each of these materials comes with multiple features, pros, and cons.

Paintable fiberglass and steel doors practically imitate the appearance of wood, offering elegant and lightweight alternatives to homeowners.

Vinyl garage doors are becoming popular, and they claim to be less prone to denting, when compared to steel. Contemporary steel doors have finishes for the interior and exterior panels to enhance durability, and also provide a new look, both inside and out.

However, wood doors are most popular in high-class carriage doors made of fir and cedar, and in tilt up garage doors made of painted plywood. Irrespective of the prices, wood doors will need more maintenance than steel doors.

When exposed to direct sunlight, these doors can fade, while the rain, sand, and salt corrode the protective finishes. So, these doors require regular refinishing.


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The door you select for your garage may be the only individualistic style that a visitor or passerby notices. In spite of the style you select, the current garage door options will assist you in keeping your home looking new and taken care of, while offering improved functions to make your garage more comfortable and quiet.