Which Windows Are Best For Your Sunroom?

Sunroom windows are a significant feature, since they can make up approximately 75 percent of the entire room, contingent on your design. Some of the things you should consider when purchasing windows for your sunroom include durability, beauty, transparency and, in some instances, the flexibility to slide or open the windows.

However, the three key factors to consider in your selection for sunroom windows are the glass, the material utilized for construction, and the type of window. In this article, we will look at the different options available for your sunroom windows.

Types Of Sunroom Windows

The type of windows you select for your sunroom will largely depend on several factors. First, you should decide exactly how you would like to use that room. Maybe you want it for social gatherings, an indoor garden, or as a home office?

Four season and three season sunrooms use both sliding and fixed windows. These windows are usually designed and custom-built for sunrooms, allowing them to be beautiful and energy efficient.

When selecting the windows, it’s crucial to put into consideration the climate of your area, the time of the year you intend to use the room, and the direction your sunroom will face.

All these factors will determine not only the type of window to buy, but also the kind of glass used. If you decide to build a sunroom in your home, here some common types of windows to choose from.

1. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are energy efficient, and they come in different colors, styles, as well as glass to match the aesthetics of your home. These windows usually slide in a horizontal manner, enabling you to utilize your sunroom more efficiently, and at the same time, provide an open view of your outdoors.

2. Hinged Windows

Hinged windows come in two major types: casement and awning. The differences only occur in the location of the hinges, and the size.

Casement windows open from the side, allowing the breeze in to ventilate the sunroom. Awning windows typically hinge from the top, and this prevents rain from entering the room, allowing the hot air to escape.

3. Double-Hung Windows

These are traditional-style windows, and they are an ideal selection for any home. They are easy to clean and provide you with maximum ventilation. These windows come in a variety of styles and colors, and every window can be custom-made to suit your needs.

4. Fixed Windows

Windows that don’t open at all may look like a waste of useful space. However, for those parts of your room that are high and tricky to access, the fixed windows can work perfectly. These windows are also suitable for use in places with cold climates, since they are heavily insulated and draft-proof.

5. Bay And Bow Windows

These windows provide you with a more extended view, and also allow more sunlight into the room. You will have ample light for a dining area or to read a book, because they are designed to outspread from the sunroom.


With a variety of window selections for your sunroom, making a decision can be a daunting task. However, take your time to discover the right type, not only to match the architecture of your home, but your personal style as well. If you need to hire scaffolding towers in UK, contact us!  We also rent construction equipment affordable in the UK.