How to Update Your Home Safely

How to update your home safelyUsually there comes a time when you would need to fix certain parts of your home.  If you are thinking that a ladder would do the job, think it over. With a ladder, it is impossible to ensure safety as the worker is perched precariously at the top of a narrow structure. Most of the ladders that are available for sale or rent are also not high enough to reach the desired heights.

Why would you risk your life when there is much safer option around: a scaffolding tower is not only much more stable, but also provides a wide platform for the worker to work from. It provides different types of scaffolds to suit your needs.

Where to Start

The type you need and whether you should rent or buy one depends on the extent of work at hand. Surely you won’t wish to buy any unless there are some extensive repair works needed to be done. Renting them is a cost effective solution for one time use.

However, rental charges vary greatly according to the type of equipment and the material used in their making. You can ask the service for advice on correct equipment to cater all your needs. Although you’ll need just a few pieces of equipment for home repairs, don’t forgo quality just to save a few pounds and also don’t forget that working off the ground safely is far more important then cheap rental costs.

Time to Assemble:

Base Parts

Once you have the correct equipment delivered to your home, its time to assemble it. A comprehensive user guide will guide you step by step on how to assemble the tower correctly. Start off by assembling the base parts; it is done by connecting the horizontal and vertical frames together with the help of braces.

A good access tower has a secured hook based brace design that ensures positive locking. Make sure that the base is rested on a firm surface; concrete or wooden pads would do. Once finished with the base, you can now move on to platform boards and guardrails.

Platform Boards and Handrails

Using old wooden planks to make the platform is an obsolete idea. Strengthened platform boards with slip resistant decks are what you need for this job. They are designed to fit correctly and rest firmly on the frame structure. Also make sure to install the handrails on all four sides of scaffold even if it is against the wall to avoid any nasty accidents.

Be Wary of Wayward Tools

Another thing to look out for is the possibility of falling tools. This can be avoided by having toe boards around the platform. They’ll catch any wayward objects and ensure safety to the people beneath.

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