All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Exterior Window Shutters

There are four basic types of exterior window shutters: Bermuda, board and batton, louvered, and paneled. These shutters come in a variety of materials which include wood, faux wood, synthetic foam, and vinyl. When it comes to wood shutters, basswood happens to be the most popular.

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Here are the different types of shutters for your exterior windows:

1. Raised Panel

A raised panel shutter is very similar to a kitchen or door cabinet. It can either have one or two raised panels. This type of shutter tends to have a low profile, which means that they can easily blend with any type of home, such as Greek Revival, Victorian, French Country, Federal, Ranch, and Colonial.

2. Louvered Shutters

These types of shutters happen to have an angled slat, which makes it possible for light and air to pass through it. Additionally, they tend to have a look that is more defined, when compared to other types of low-key panel shutters. Louvered shutters work best on residences that are casual, classical, or ornate in their appearance, such as Cape Cod, Italianate, Colonial, Federal, Ranch, and Georgian style homes.

3. Board And Batten

A board and batten shutter is often associated with the Old World, thanks to its rustic character. It also has a very simple construction. Normally, the shutter has between one and three boards that hold it together. It also comes with a thin cross panel that can either go at an angle, or horizontally across the board and batten shutter.

Given the characteristic look associated with these shutters, they are recommended for use in French Country, Cape Cod, and Mediterranean style homes.

4. Bahama/Bermuda

Bermuda (also known as Bahama) shutters, are a type of louvered shutters. Unlike regular shutters, which are fixed at the sides, these are normally fixed at the top. Their work is to let in air and light, as well as protect a home from storms.

The Bermuda shutters are common in houses that are constructed in tropical regions. They look beautiful when they are installed in Cottage, Ranch, and Cape Cod style homes.

Hardware For Your Shutters

When choosing shutter hardware, you have the option of going with operable or decorative. This is dependent on their installation. Holdbacks and hinges are the most popular. Holdbacks, also referred to as dogs, are metal tools that are installed to prevent your shutters from opening or closing.

How To Choose A Durable Exterior Window Shutter

Shutters that are made with MDF (medium density fiberboard) are normally covered using vinyl, and tend to look expensive, despite the fact that they are cheaper than wood shutters. Their main drawback is the fact that they are not able to withstand wet conditions and, therefore, start to sag and swell with time.

When shopping for shutters based on how much they cost, you will find that vinyl shutters are the least expensive. They tend to be hollow PVC shutters that contain unfinished edges, and are traditionally covered using an end cap. Their appearance is similar to that of plastic, with yellow being the most common color. As the weeks pass by, they can become very difficult to maintain.

A synthetic shutter has an appearance that is similar to that of wood, but is much cheaper. They are liked by many, due to the fact that they are fire and water resistant, and possess very good insulation qualities.

Faux wood is an ideal replacement for wood shutters, thanks in part to its stiffness. It is mainly used with wide or tall shutters, and costs much less than wood, and also comes in varying shapes and colors.