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They’re planning a revolution that will change the face of Birmingham forever. They call it the Big City Plan, and it’s a major development plan for the city centre. It sets out how Birmingham city centre will be revamped over the next 20 years, in development projects potentially worth £10 billion. The plan will increase the size of Birmingham’s city core by 25 per cent, improving transport connections, providing more than 5,000 new homes and 50,000 new jobs, and including the £600 million redevelopment of New Street Station.

The success of building projects, large or small, ultimately depends on cost, efficiency and safety. Whether you are a professional on a construction site or a property-owner doing small jobs around the home, nothing will give you more flexibility, versatility and safety than a mobile access tower. By renting a scaffolding, you can complete a variety of jobs at a wide range of heights and locations with total safety and security.

STH Birmingham offers guaranteed next-day delivery anywhere in Birmingham or in the Midlands area, at the most competitive prices available anywhere in the industry, see for yourself.

Scaffolding Tower Hire Birmingham Price-Guide

Birmingham tower rental pricing

For efficiency and safety, it’s essential to have the best equipment, including access towers, for the job. Scaffolding Hire Birmingham have safe, quick and easy solutions, and can provide the right kit for the job in any situation, from a major building project to simply cleaning your gutters. However high you want to work, hiring an scaffolding has never been easier; we have a wide variety of scaffolding available in the Birmingham area at really affordable prices.

Our experts are only a call away, able to give advice and solutions; generally making the scaffolding rental a smooth and satisfying success.

All the scaffolding come with an easy-to-follow user guide and are suitable for almost all domestic and commercial projects. For the first-time user, erecting an access tower should take no more than 60 minutes, and no special tools or experience are required.

Falls are the biggest cause of death and injury in Britain, so it doesn’t make sense to take risks. Choose the safe option when working at height.

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