6 Yard Lights To Illuminate Your Property

Landscape lighting can greatly impact your home’s curb appeal, and it is both beautiful and functional. It provides you with safety by illuminating your driveways, stairs, walkways, entryways and outdoor seating areas. It can also highlight your plant life and the unique design features of your landscaping.

Great outdoor lighting means that you don’t have to restrict your outdoor entertainment to just the daytime. You can have drinks, barbecues, and time with your family and friends right into the evening. However, the difficulty comes in knowing the type of lights that will suit your individual needs.

The type of lights that you choose will determine the rest of your exterior landscaping project. Outdoor lighting helps you to narrow down your options for the method, layout, controls, and style of lighting. If you need to hire construction equipment affordably, check out our page for details here. If you are in need of ladders & other equipment rentals in Kingston Upon Hull, we deliver there too.

It also dictates the best power source and installation method to use. To help you start off, here are some ideas that will shed some light on the exterior of your home.

1. Path Lights

Path lighting brings a more welcoming atmosphere to your home by creating a well-lit path to guide your visitors to the door. By far, it’s the most common form of landscape lighting.

A path light does precisely as its name implies; it illuminates the walkways, driveways, and paths that make up the landscaping of your home.

Additional uses include highlighting a foundation or a pond, framing a particular area of your patio, or emphasizing a specific feature in your yard.

2. Deck Lights

This form of lighting is a must have on any outdoor patio or deck, especially those in dark areas. The purpose of deck lights is to make sure that the entire deck exterior is visible at night.

These lights typically line the exterior of your deck surface and, most of the time, are installed in a way that goes together with the decking material.

Although their main purpose is to enhance your safety by creating a noticeable boundary, they can also act as primary lighting during parties and gatherings.

3. Spotlight

A spotlight is perhaps the most flexible type of exterior landscape lighting. You can use them to underline natural features like flowers, shrubbery, trees, or any other plants.

You can also use them to emphasize custom-made items such as buildings, sculptures, or any other architectural elements. Due to the powerful light they offer, spotlights can be a perfect alternative for security lighting as well.

4. Pond Lights

Water features for outdoor landscaping are quickly turning out to be one of the most popular backyard elements. A fountain, waterfall, or pond adds an exceptional look to your yard, while increasing the resale value of your home. Those with moving water structures bring a relaxing echo of nature to their home as well.

You can use different underwater pond or well lights to illuminate these water features, whether it’s during the day or at night. Since they are designed to stay submerged in water, pond lights work in the same way as waterproof lights, in that their purpose is to underline specific design features.

5. Hardscape Lights

Only a few types of exterior lighting have become as popular as hardscape lights in recent years. Due to the extraordinary benefits that come with LED lighting, these accessories use relatively small light bulbs to give you extra illumination.

These small bulbs also allow the fittings to be inserted in areas where they otherwise would not be compatible. Hardscape lights fit directly into, or onto your landscape components to provide enough illumination for patios, handrails, and decks.

6. Flood Lights

While a spotlight features a narrow ray of light, a floodlight features a wider one, covering a more spread-out area using the same wattage. Floodlights are a perfect option for highlighting particular landscaping elements, or for providing light over an expansive area such as a driveway, or an entire yard.


Landscape lighting can transform your yard into a favorably suitable area, even in the wee hours of the night. However, it is good to have a plan of action before you get started.

Simply walk into your yard after sunset and see what parts might require illumination. There’s no need to overload the areas with lighting, but you need to choose the right types of fixtures to get the desired results.