5 Helpful Tips For Exterior Home Painting

The first impression is often the last impression, especially when it comes to viewing homes. For you to leave a long lasting impression of your house in your neighbour’s and visitor’s minds, a good exterior painting of your house is of utmost importance.

When you are painting the exterior of your house, you are taking up a serious project, so it should be done right. The tips in this article will help you get the job done right, so that the exterior of your house will have a fresh, new look that everyone can admire. If you need construction equipment rentals in the UK, be sure to give us a call here: 0844 774 1112.

1. Paint Quality

There are a variety of paint types on the market today. However, it is paramount that you select the right paint for this job, only settling for a specific one after thorough and due consideration. Paints that are designed for the inside of the home will not do as well on the outside. Therefore, it is important to choose a good quality paint that can properly protect the exterior of your house against pests and harsh weather conditions.

2. Caulking

Painting the exterior of a house is not limited to just painting the walls. It also involves painting the windows and the doors. Caulking is done to prevent heat loss, as well as waterproof your house. Ensure that you seal all the cracks and any gaps that are visible on the windows, walls, and doors before you start to paint.

3. Apply The Primer

An application of primer to the exterior surface of your house if very crucial. This is due to the fact that the walls might not be very smooth. When the walls are not smooth, they can absorb a lot of paint, which will cost you more. Besides that, the end result will be uneven walls. Applying the primer before painting, therefore, will help to create an even surface for painting. It will also ensure that it gives your house a smooth appearance.

4. Clean The Walls Before Painting

Painting should be done on a clean surface. If you want to make sure the paint lasts a long time, ensure that the walls are clean. When the surface is clean, it holds the paint excellently. It is advisable that you use the pressure cleaning method. This will ensure that you avoid any harmful chemicals while cleaning that might hinder proper paint holding.

5. Weather

When you are painting the exterior of your house, it is essential to take the weather into consideration. Why? Because most paints react differently with moisture and temperature. Make sure that you paint your house under mild weather conditions if you want to get long-lasting results.

According to painting experts, the best painting season is during Summer or Spring. If the paint is oil based, the best temperature to apply it would be between 40-90℉, and latex should be applied at between 50-85℉. The humidity level for the best painting days is 40-70%.


The paint on the outside of the home goes a long way to protect the exterior surface of your house against pests and bad weather conditions. Also, to avoid paint spills and lap marks, ensure that you start from the top and then make your way to the bottom. Paint both the narrow and wide areas at close intervals to avoid uneven drying, which will affect the final result.

Now that you are armed with this information, you should easily succeed with your exterior painting job!