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Last year 4000 people were injured while working at height. So before you hire make sure you get the highest quality branded stock so you can be sure you are working safely. Speak to one of the few Access teams in the country that have been fully PASMA trained and a company that has earned a reputation for high levels of customer satisfaction 08447741112 . See our testimonials below.

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Where do we deliver Ali Tower?

The team can arrange Alminium tower hire delivery to-

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Call now on 0844 774 1112 to get a great rate for your project and a guaranteed delivery Nationwide.

But don’t take our word for it, we have over 70 customer reviews on file. Here are 3 of the recent ones!


What do our customers say about our service?


Amina Kadia  26-May-2011 – Amina Kadia Hair

You guys were fantastic, everything was perfect and you were so helpful.

Ray  Jeffrey 22-May-2011 – R A O Jeffrey

I’ve used your towers and others. Their equipment is expensive and poor quality. Lakeside-Hire stock was in impeccable condition which made it easier to erect and use and a great price.

M Silver  15-May-2011 – Interservice Decorators

Fantastic, beyond belief. Would never consider using anyone else.

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Call now – 0844 774 1112 for tower scaff hire or send us a message from the form to the right.

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There are many different applications when using scaffold tower. For example some customers are using the stock to access a chimney stack. This work requires a working at height solution that protects you from slipping of the roof. Because our staff have been industry trained they can professionally advise you before you start your project.